Better Relief


Better Relief™ was designed to replace opiates for daily pain relief from chronic ailments including arthritis, Crohn’s, PMS, and more. Plant-based pain management with the ability to repair your body, all without the side effects.

CBD + Turmeric + Ginger



Better Relief™ is a supplement designed to replace opiates for daily pain relief due to illness stemming from inflammation. From chronic ailments such as Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, and Arthritis to daily needs such as a headache, Better Relief is safe to take.

Directions: Take daily to prevent and reverse pain and inflammation. Start with 1 and take more as needed.

Organic CBD

Whole Organic Ginger Root

Whole Organic Turmeric Root

CBD regulates four enzymes that give rise to inflammation without any negative impact on your stomach.

(a) Releases COX-1
(b) Inhibits COX-2
(c) Inhibits TNF-Alpha
(d) Releases interleukin-10

Traditional OTC meds, like Ibuprofen, only regulate one enzyme each and are very harsh on your stomach. CBD actually heals your pain and stomach.

Turmeric provides pain relief through its natural anti-inflammatory compounds called curcumins. Curcumins are very similar to cannabinoids, working on various receptors, reducing oxidation in the body, and creating powerful medicinal benefits.

Ginger’s pain relief health benefits work by inhibiting enzymes that give rise to inflammation. Gingerols, gingers own powerhouse of plant medicine, have been shown to reduce muscle spasticity, incredibly reducing the pain from menstrual cramps. Ginger’s gastrointestinal pain relief has been known to work for nausea, but ginger also works to suppress stomach ulcers and discomfort. Colitis and Crohn’s sufferers can find pain and spasm relief within ginger.

The supplement does not include wheat‚ gluten‚ soybeans‚ dairy‚ eggs‚ fish/shellfish‚ peanuts or tree nuts. Although no wheat products are used, this capsule is not made in a certified gluten-free facility and people with celiacs disease should be advised.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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